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What is KNC?

Kollel Nesivos Chaim is a Kollel set up by R’ Menachem Yodaiken, named after his grandfather R‘ Chaim Yitzchok Steinberg זצ”ל. The ראש החבורה is R’ Yisroel Rose שליט”א.

What is the KNC Lotto?

This is a lottery that gives you a chance to win £500 a day, Sunday – Thursday every week of the year, and at the same time supports the Kollel.

Is this legal?

Yes. We have a Small Society Lottery License and we are a registered charity.
(Charity No. 1145554)

How do I enter the Lotto?

You can enter by completing a direct debit form on our website www.knclotto.com. This is an annual subscription that can be paid weekly or monthly. Payments will continue until cancelled. If you would like to pay the full amount of £260 upfront you can pay by cash, cheque or PayPal. Alternatively you can call our dedicated hotline on 0208 150 6991 to sign up by phone or request a direct debit form. If you would like to donate via your charity account, please call the hotline where a representative will advise you.

Can I win multiple times?

Yes. This is one of the unique factors of this lottery. You will be entered into every draw regardless of whether or not you have won previously.

How can I win £500 a day with a weekly donation of only £5?

Our aim is to have 1000 people signed up for the Lotto. This will generate an income of £1,000 per day with £500 donated to the Kollel, and £500 to that day’s winner.

Is there a limit as to how many times I can enter the lottery?

There is no limit. For every weekly standing order of £5 to the KNC Lotto you will receive one free daily entry into the draw.

What will happen if there are more than 1,000 entries?

Once all 1,000 slots have been taken, further applicants will be put on a waiting list and notified once a slot becomes available.

If I win, how will I receive my prize?

A cheque will be sent to you by post.

Can I cancel my commitment after I have signed up?

Yes with a 30 day notice period. Term and conditions apply, please see the website for more details.

When is the first lottery due to take place?

As soon as we have 500 entries the first draw will take place. This should take place within the next few weeks.The daily prize will start at £250 and will go up in increments until we have 1,000 entries.

Will the Lotto be run over the Yom Tov Periods?

Yes. The Lotto will run 52 weeks a year. Some days will be drawn in advance to cover the Yomim Tovim.

If I have any questions who do I contact?

Feel free to call our helpline on 0161 870 2530 where a member of our team will be happy to assist you. Alternatively email your enquiry to knclotto@gmail.com.