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Who We Are

Kollel Nesivos Chaim was founded in 2011 and is a living tribute to the unforgettable Reb Chaim Yitzchok Steinberg זצ”ל.

Reb Chaim Yitzchok had an infinite love for עבודה ,תורה and  גמילות חסדים and everything he did was performed with huge enthusiasm and vitality. R Chaim זצ”ל possessed a unique blend, he lived with a true שמחת החיים yet in a quiet and unassuming manner. His unstinting support and untiring efforts on behalf of all לומדי תורה and מוסדות התורה were legendary.

The Kollel is honoured to perpetuate his name and his legacy for generations to come.

The Kollel

Our mission statement: ‘To develop talented אברכים into becoming תלמידי חכמים and leaders within the community and the world at large’. The Kollel currently has thirty dedicated אברכים, who learn the סוגיות in depth through to the שו”ע and הלכה למעשה.

To enhance the learning and to ensure that each individual strives for excellence, the אברכים undergo regular tests in addition to a חבורה delivered each week by a different member of the kollel.

The learning consists of a practical element too, as a number of the אברכים are currently doing שימוש at well-known רבנים in Manchester.

Within The Community

Alongside the daily learning schedule, many members of the kollel frequently deliver שיעורים within the community and are a regular feature on “Start your day the Torah way”.

Over the years there developed alongside the Kollel another framework. Tree Life Club is an after-school programme for secondary school boys, providing them with a place to unwind and relax in a Toradik setting where they can learn, play games and be mentored by kollel אברכים. This programme was founded and is run by the  kollel אברכים.  It has proven to be highly successful with 100 boys attending on a regular basis.

Looking To The Future

Since the kollel’s inception 6 years ago, a number of אברכים have graduated to positions within the community and on the continent.

The Kollel’s mission is twofold.  Firstly, to develop תלמידי חכמים who are deeply knowledgeable in הלכה  & תורה , and well-qualified to serve as effective leaders and מחנכים.  Secondly, to engage the community and to inspire and educate both the young and old, through the power of לימוד התורה, our מסורה.


Rabbi Falk

Rabbi Horowitz

Rabbi Westheim

Rabbi Zimmerman